Magnet DAO Docs
Token Distribution
At launch, Magnet DAO will have a Total Diluted Supply of 10,000,000 $MAG.
Magnet DAO will be selling 20% of the Initial Total Diluted Supply during our Community Offering. 40% will be sold during our Fair Launch in order to bootstrap our treasury. 20% of tokens are reserved for the team (locked and vested), 10% for marketing & partnerships, and 10% for initial liquidity providing.

Distribution Breakdown

Pictured is a snapshot of Magnet DAO's token allocation at launch.
Asset Distribution
  • 0.5% - Airdrops to users who contributed during project development
  • 9.5% - Marketing & Partnerships to strengthen relationships and extend Magnet's influence
  • 10% - Liquidity providing for trading $MAG across various liquidity pools
  • 20% - Locked / vested for team members
  • 20% - Set aside for the community offering which took place on December 7th, 2021
  • 40% - Set aside for fair launch to build the treasury
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